What’s Not to Love about the Hobby Lobby decision? Let me count the ways.

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act in the United States, we must consider the the potential legal ramifications the Hobby Lobby decision has upon the rights so many people fought and died … Continue reading

Join the Women in the World Conference April 4-5th Live!

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Angelina Jolie to Open All Girls School in Afghanistan

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Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani student and women’s-education activist, returned to the classroom for the first time today since being shot in the head by a member of the Taliban in October. She is starting as…

Beyonce’s “Bow Down” Puts a Mirror in the Face of the Feminist Movement

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Cathrynn Brown (R. NM) Introduces a Bill that Criminalizes Victims of Rape

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Monarch Butterfly Malala Released from Hospital to Recover at Home!

Malala waves "good-bye" to her hospital stay in England. From CNN

Malala waves “good-bye” to her hospital stay in England. From CNN


Monarch Malala Yousafzi has been released from an Birmingham hospital, after a 3 month stay. While her recovery is far from over, we are overjoyed at the fact that she is continuing to recover. She will have to have more surgeries, the doctors say, but we are all a “flit” over the fact that she will recover fully-soon.

This Butterflies, is what we call “FLYING“-moving forward in your destiny without fear. It took a lot of courage to walk out that door….. a door that had “protection” written on it, only to face real live monsters waiting to attack you. While we know that Malala will have protection, she still is in danger. So, please, keep praying for her recovery and her protection.

You can read the entire article posted on CNN here: Malala’s Recovery Crosses Key Threshold.