It’s Orange Day, Time to Take a Stand!!


Orange is one of my favorite colors. I love wearing it. And it is also the color of my favorite butterfly: The Monarch.  (The above picture is not a monarch:) You probably are seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies in your yard lately; that is because fall is their migration season.

Butterflies migrate? LOL, of course they do! And the migration of the Monarch is one of the most exciting. Each fall the Monarchs return to their birth place, Mexico. And on their way, you see them everywhere! Just like ducks or geese flying overhead heading south, you can sometimes catch a small group of butterflies heading home. It’s quite neat to see.

But, more about monarchs in my next post…..Today is Orange Day!!!

Today, and every 25th of each month from now until the end of the year, is International Day to End Violence Against Women, or “Orange Day.” SayNo-UNite Against Violence is asking everyone in support of ending violence against women to post a pic of themselves on all their social media, wearing orange.

 One in every three women worldwide are victims of sexual, physical, emotional, and other abuse during their lifetime. That adds up to about 1 billion abused women around the world every single year, According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund.


As a women empowerment zone, the Butterfly Bridge is proud to support Orange Day, and we would like you to join us!! Just post a pic of yourself, family, friends, pet, etc with/wearing something orange and 1.) change it to the profile pic on all your social media sites; or if you don’t have anything orange, make a sign or post pic of something orange like the butterfly we used above. You can also use the official Orange Day Ribbon as your pic. Go to and download the ribbon. 2.) post your pic to the Butterfly Bridge Facebook Page . At the end of the day, we will send a Facebook photo album to the UN and also post the pics for you all to see!!

Can’t wait to see you in orange!!


Love always,


Welcome To the Butterfly Bridge!


I’m so excited to announce the launch of an exciting new community for women and young girls-The ButterFly Bridge!

Many issues plague women and girls today. Insufficient Healthcare, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Prejudice, Gender Inequality in Employment and Education, Civil Rights Violations, Sexual Exploitation,-and the list goes on. But not all of these issues affect all women. In fact, many women may have only experienced one issue as it pertains to civil equality.

Some issues go beyond gender inequalities and expand into racial discrimination. And beyond that, age discrimination.  Beyond that, religious discrimination. And even further still, sexual orientation discrimination. These sub classes of discrimination not only prevent women from reaching their full potential, but also divide women within our own gender group.

The women’s rights movements that have taken place all around the world have only scratched the surface of women’s issues. That is why we are seeing a resurgence of gender inequality. While the  social justice movements of the past have been successful, they have not addressed the totality of the female “race”.

It is time to close the gap; the Butterfly Bridge hopes to do just that!

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of communities and/or organizations around the world that support women in various things; And we LOVE them all! Our mission is to introduce women, from all racial, national, and religious backgrounds to one another and connect them in hopes of creating a stronger support system for women everywhere!

This blog site will serve to inform, encourage, enlighten, educate, support, introduce, connect and ignite women all over the world in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Inspired and Enthused,

Steen 🙂

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