Japanese Mayor Claims Sex Slaves During WWII Were Necessary

Comfort Women Wanted via www.chinglee.net

Comfort Woman. Sounds a bit…..comfortable, doesn’t it? On the contrary  the Comfort Women of Japan during WWII were anything but comfortable; they were brutalized, violated, terrorized, raped, enslaved, kidnapped, humiliated, de-valued and de-humanized all for the sake of what? For the … Continue reading

2012 Inspirational Butterfly #5…..

Park Geun-Hye via
guardian.co.uk website

  Hey Everyone! We’re counting down the Top 5 Inspirational Butterflies and Butterfly Moments of 2012. The Year of the Woman brought many memorable events and historical markers for women all over the world. The word Inspire means to “fill … Continue reading

South Korea Elects it’s First Ever Female Leader!!

Supporters of South Korea's presidential candidate Park Geun-Hye of the ruling New Frontier Party, react as they watch live TV outside the party's office in Seoul on December 19, 2012 (AFP Photo / Jung Yeon-Je)

And the Year of The Women Continues!!! “I congratulate you on the victory, the path to which you faced many obstacles to overcome,” Lee Myung-bak said as he congratulated the First Female to be a leader of South Korea, Park Geun-Hye! How extremely … Continue reading