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Hello Butterflies!!
I just flew in to share a link to a powerful, must see documentary film called “Once and for All”, presented by Makers and AOL.

This film documents one of the most important events in the history of Womanity…the day all women became legally human!

Sounds strange, I know. Everyone knows that women have always been human beings. That’s common sense; but it hasn’t always been common social and/or legal sense.

It wasn’t until the Fourth World Confrence on women in 1995 (only 20 years ago) that the world began to officially recognize women’s rights and issues as human rights and issues. And it was glorious!

This film documents the thousands of women from every religion and various countries around the world who flocked to China to share their stories and make their voices heard.

And leading the charge was the then FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States) Hillary R. Clinton. Her speech before the UN delegates was epic!  It was this speech  catalyzed this new movement that gave women the right to be human.

I got goose bumps when I finally got to listen to it.

Back in ’95, we didn’t have full access to events like these. Without the internet, our knowledge of such events were limited to local media reports-which were very limited and very biased and often degrading.

It wasn’t until years later that young women, such as myself, became fully aware of the significance of the conference. I’m glad the film makers revealed some of it in the film. Those same discriminatory mindsets still exist 20 years later.

If we want to be effective in the fight to end this discrimination, we have to know that we have the right to. And this conference solidified that right.

Thankfully, the entire event is documented in this film so that women and girls world wide for generations to come can witness this historic event.

I invite each of you to watch it and then SHARE it with every woman and girl you know.

Click on the above link to watch the film and to join the fight to end human inequality….once and for all.
Love and Blessings!

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Your Help Needed for A New Documentary About Women

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Join Me for A Live Broadcast: “Living in the Midst of Death”

"Living in the Midst of Death" 12/16/12

“Living in the Midst of Death” 12/16/12


Greetings Butterflies!

It’s been one crazy weekend, huh? Tragedy, sadness, fear, guilt, anger, frustration, grief….and we still don’t know why. Why did six adults and 20 children have to die? Why did 22 children have to suffer from the blade of mad man’s knife? Where is God in all this?

What the hell is the world coming to?!

That is the question that we all have. If you are like me, and if you are connected to me in any way then you are, all of those babies belonged to you. And you felt all the pain and had all of the same questions as their parents. I keep going back to the parents. As a mother I can only imagine what is going on in their minds. And just the thought that one person has to go through that brings tears back to my eyes.

For those of you meeting me for the first time, you might not know that I do a Blog Talk Radio show dedicated to indie artists and Global Citizenship. I’m in the midst of changing the show. Instead of the one show, there will be 2: one dedicated to music and the other a talk show about life. Especially the lives of women. I’ll keep you all posted on those.

You can go to or search AC 165 Radio in the “podcast” section on iTunes to check out some of my earlier shows. It was an amazing year and a half!. We learned and we grew; were inspired and encouraged one another.  And I’m not doing away with that part of the show! I’m still on a journey. And for those of you who were apart of that journey, the trip is not over! We are just going down a new path. I’m expecting Great things in The Butterfly Age!

In the mean time, I want to go back to the old format for a few shows in light of the recent tragedies that have taken place this weekend, along with the fear of impending “doom” on the 21st. All of this death and talk of death is literally killing all of us. What happened this weekend, is unreal to me. I cried like a baby when I saw the report that over 100 bullets were fired into a kindergarten class room…..just typing that makes me sick.

Join me tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST as we talk about “Living in the Midst of Death”.I’m going to talk about how we can move forward and actively stand with those who have lost and stand FOR those who were stolen. I know all of us are hurting, especially the community and the families of these precious babies. And I know there are some of you out there that are truly afraid that the world is ending soon. Don’t feel silly or stupid, your feelings are real. But we can’t stay in fear. Fear is a death word…it kills.

This show is a dedication to LIFE! Life dispels fear and cancels death. Death says to quit, because it’s not worth it. Life says IT’S WORTH IT! And I’m telling you, regardless of what you have been through, it is worth it! In order to truly make some changes individually, communally, nationally and globally family, we have to embrace life as a whole. It can no longer be about “me” anymore. It’s time to get active in this global citizen thing….

So, join me tomorrow on here:  AC 165 Radio .  This is a 30 minute show, but feel free to call in or join in the chat room. If you’ve never listened to a Blog Talk Radio program, visit this link and learn how you can join in. You can listen via the web or the phone and you can actively chat during the show. You can also call in during a live show and comment if you like. Our phone number is: (619) 393-2881. This is not a toll free number, so charges will apply.

If you can’t listen in at that time, you can still catch it on replay through Blog Talk Radio or on iTunes.

Until tomorrow…..

Love to you!!


Our New SayNo! UNite Action Page!

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It’s Orange Day, Time to Take a Stand!!


Orange is one of my favorite colors. I love wearing it. And it is also the color of my favorite butterfly: The Monarch.  (The above picture is not a monarch:) You probably are seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies in your yard lately; that is because fall is their migration season.

Butterflies migrate? LOL, of course they do! And the migration of the Monarch is one of the most exciting. Each fall the Monarchs return to their birth place, Mexico. And on their way, you see them everywhere! Just like ducks or geese flying overhead heading south, you can sometimes catch a small group of butterflies heading home. It’s quite neat to see.

But, more about monarchs in my next post…..Today is Orange Day!!!

Today, and every 25th of each month from now until the end of the year, is International Day to End Violence Against Women, or “Orange Day.” SayNo-UNite Against Violence is asking everyone in support of ending violence against women to post a pic of themselves on all their social media, wearing orange.

 One in every three women worldwide are victims of sexual, physical, emotional, and other abuse during their lifetime. That adds up to about 1 billion abused women around the world every single year, According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund.


As a women empowerment zone, the Butterfly Bridge is proud to support Orange Day, and we would like you to join us!! Just post a pic of yourself, family, friends, pet, etc with/wearing something orange and 1.) change it to the profile pic on all your social media sites; or if you don’t have anything orange, make a sign or post pic of something orange like the butterfly we used above. You can also use the official Orange Day Ribbon as your pic. Go to and download the ribbon. 2.) post your pic to the Butterfly Bridge Facebook Page . At the end of the day, we will send a Facebook photo album to the UN and also post the pics for you all to see!!

Can’t wait to see you in orange!!


Love always,


International Day to End Violence! #Event



Last month, SayNO – UNiTE to End Violence Against Women announced its first action, and it’s something that all of us can help them do and promote.

Young people around the world want to claim 25th of every month, starting with 25 July and leading up to 25 November, which is observed as the International Day to End Violence against Women, as an Orange Day, a day for taking action.

They are asking everyone – men, women, boys and girls, young and old – to wear something orange on 25 July. It can be a t-shirt, a scarf, a tie, a dress, or any other attire that you wear! As more of us start wearing the color orange on 25th of every month, we will generate interest and spark conversations about the issue.

Ultimately, we want people to start thinking and talking about how to end violence against women and girls. Save the image and the date and show your support by posting the orange ribbon on your social walls!

Butterflies, I think it would be great to show our support by flexing our “wings”!

Here’s what we can do:

Take a picture of orange wings (you can either wear the wings in the photo, have them painted on a shirt, or do a face painting-let your imagination run  wild!!) -and post them to the Say No-UNite FB Page, or you can post them directly to the Butterfly Bridge page OR you can email to us and we will post them for you. 

I think this is a good way to let the world know that the butterflies  are here and ready to bridge the gap!!!

The 24th of this month is just 3 days away, so let’s fly!!!