I’m so excited to announce the launch of an exciting new community for women and young girls-The ButterFly Bridge!

Many issues plague women and girls today. Insufficient Healthcare, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Prejudice, Gender Inequality in Employment and Education, Civil Rights Violations, Sexual Exploitation,-and the list goes on. But not all of these issues affect all women. In fact, many women may have only experienced one issue as it pertains to civil equality.

Some issues go beyond gender inequalities and expand into racial discrimination. And beyond that, age discrimination.  Beyond that, religious discrimination. And even further still, sexual orientation discrimination. These sub classes of discrimination not only prevent women from reaching their full potential, but also divide women within our own gender group.

The women’s rights movements that have taken place all around the world have only scratched the surface of women’s issues. That is why we are seeing a resurgence of gender inequality. While the  social justice movements of the past have been successful, they have not addressed the totality of the female “race”-or what I call WOMANITY! 

What is Womanity? 


As one, women are a collective power that could change the dynamics of our entire world. Fragmented and at odds, we are still powerful, but that power is limited only by the boundaries those fragments create.

It is time to close the gaps; the Butterfly Bridge hopes to do just that! And we hope you will join us!

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Our Mission:

* To be a central location of information for women around the world. Whether you have a desire to volunteer, donate, fundraise or need information, an advocate or serious help, our goal is to make The Butterfly Bridge your first stop in finding the information and resources you need.

*To introduce women, from all racial, national, and religious backgrounds to one another and connect them in hopes of creating a stronger support system for women everywhere!

*To be a haven of support for women/girls, groups and organizations that are on the front lines in the war on women.

*To give voice to and shine a light on the millions of Inspirational Butterflies and Monarchs that are making changes to their communities in spite of the headlines.

This blog site will serve to inform, encourage, enlighten, educate, support, introduce, connect and ignite women all over the world in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Inspired and Enthused,

Steen 🙂

Founder of The Butterfly Bridge 

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Here are a few of the unique categories for The Butterfly Bridge blog:

Discovering Inspirational Butterflies! 

There are women/men and young girls/boys around the world inspiring communities, nations and the world with their dedication to global citizenship and equality. We refer to  these change makers Inspirational Butterflies!

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” ~Coco Chanel

Inspirational Butterflies are women/men and young girls/boys that encourage, educate and inspire women in their local communities and/or world wide. Most of the articles posted on this blog site will come from this category. There are women all over the world, known and unknown whose stories will motivate all of us to take the steps necessary to ensure equality and safety for all women.

If you have a story of an Inspirational Butterfly, feel free to submit their bio and why they are an encouragement and/or inspiration to you, and we will post both your stories!!

Email stories to:


Subject Header: Inspirational Butterfly

Bridging the Gap! Becoming an actual BRIDGE! 

**Above, photo of the Butterfly Bridge in Belshire, UK

The Butterfly Bridge is not just a name-it is an actual BRIDGE!

Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between sociological, religious, racial, national, and ethnic divides among women. Cultural differences should not divide us, they should ENHANCE us! They should attribute to our strength, not deplete it.

Bridging the Gap posts serve to educate each of us on the diversity of women out there so that we can better understand one another. This new understanding will allow women to better support and encourage one another.

My point of view is dictated by my environment; and so is yours. In order to fully create a global environment where women are respected, appreciated and held in equal regard-we need to be familiar not only with the issues that we all face, but how those issue affect us directly and why those issues are important to us. Additionally we all have cultural, ethnic, religious, sociological and national issues that only affect a portion of us, and not the whole. Awareness of these issues is paramount in “bridging the gap”.  Thus, your POV is just as important as mine.

We will be posting stories that affect women around the world and what each of us can do to support one another in these issues.

If you or someone you know is being treated unfairly, discriminated against or has had their rights violated; or if you are a women being affected by issues that are not getting the attention they deserve-don’t feel alone! Contact us and share your stories. We will be more than happy to post them on The Butterfly Bridge and/or connect you with the right organization to help you with your problem.

Send your email to:


Subject Header: Rights Violation

Wings of Change!

“A courage mightier than the sun –
You rose and fought and, fighting won!” ~ Angela Morgan

There is no greater encouragement that VICTORY. Victory today strengthens us to fight again tomorrow!

Wings of Change posts are posts dedicated to the victories being won in the women’s movement all around the world.

If you have any stories of victories in the women’s movement, please contact us and share!

Send Email to Us @:


Subject Header: Victories

Butterfly Legends 

Every culture has a butterfly legend. It is through these stories and legends that we can further learn to understand one another.  How can a legend or a story teach us about one another? Well, stories and legends, although mainly fictitious, are rooted in reality. You can learn about history, culture, food, and even the society of the author when reading a story.   Also, may cultures have taken on sociological tendencies through stories.

In the United States, stories like Snow White and Cinderella shaped the dating and marriage mentality of young girls all over the country. How many of us, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously dream of Prince Charming?  Or more recently, how has the Harry Potter and Twilight sagas shaped the minds of Westernized youth and their cultures?

So stories and legends do play some role in the formation of our society. And since this is a Butterfly society, what better way to understand the strength, beauty, endurance, adaptation and resilience of a woman than through the stories of a butterfly!

If you have any legends and/or stories that you would like to share, please feel free to!

Send Email to:


Subject: Butterfly Stories

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