UPDATE: Introducing Flitt Radio!


Hello Butterflies!

It’s been a while, huh? I haven’t written in a while not for lack of material; there has been a lot going on in Womanity these past few months. So much has gone on that I haven’t had time to write about it all!

The fact that I didn’t have time to write about women’s issues didn’t mean I didn’t have the time to talk about them. I did. A lot! All of those lively conversations took me back to the times I had on the radio….and I got an idea. Let’s bring the Butterfly Bridge to radio! Then I won’t have to worry about writing so much, I can just blab about it! 🙂 So, I did!

Beginning October 14, 2013 @ 5:00 PM, EST (That’s this coming Monday), Flitt Radio will be hitting the BlogTalkRadio “airwaves”!

Why Flitt?

I needed a name for the show that not only represented women but also the Butterfly Bridge it’s self. One of the most unique characteristics of a Butterfly is how they fly. They don’t actually fly or soar like birds, they flit. To flit means to move quickly, to be swift, nimble, delicate and resourceful~their flight is powerful, delicate, strong and refined all at the same time. A perfect representation of women!

I also wanted the name to define the show and Flitt became the perfect acronym for Faith, Life, Inspiration, Triumph and Truth~Everything Womanity is about!

What is the show about?

Women are not fully represented in media-especially in the news. Yes, there are female news correspondents, and that ‘s great, but that’s not what I believe is missing. For the most part the only time a woman makes major news is when she is naked, violated, fighting or caught in some sort of scandal. As a result, many women and young girls believe that they have to act in a negative manner to be accepted or noticed.

The show will have a news format and we will be discussing the biggest news stories affecting humanity as a whole, plus what is happening with women in politics, health, sports, technology, activism, inspiration,culture, relationships, sex, food, education, economics, etc.

What I will not be talking about is gossip-celebrity or other wise. There are plenty of shows, websites and news networks that you can get that stuff from, we honestly don’t need anymore. The biggest problem that all humanity is facing right now is celebrity overload. There are too many people who live vicariously through celebs because that is all we see. Some people know more about what’s going on in the so-called life of a reality TV star than they do their own homes! It’s high time we turned off the reality TV and get back into reality. If not for us, for the sake of the next generation…..

NEW Show Days and Times!!

Flitt Radio will air weekdays @ 5:00PM, EST. The show will be an hour long and loads of fun! *The evening show is at least PG-13, so parental guidance is suggested.

We are going to start off with the news  and sports recaps, followed by what is going to be my favorite segment: The War On WomenWarOnWomen

In this segment we will expose every attack on women around the world and fight back! I will enjoy this 🙂

And then we will round the show out with a specific topic for the day, like health, education, sex….you know, woman stuff. 😉 Trust me, we will have a blast!

There will also be a segment for Inspirational Butterfly of the week that I’m sure you will love!

You can catch each show at here Flitt Radio live or via the archives. Archived shows will also be uploaded to our Youtube page, so you can follow us there too!

Ok, gotta fly er flit!

Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to fly with you all on Monday!

Butterfly Kisses,


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