Calling All Inspirational Butterflies!!



I try to find inspirational stories about women from all over the world. Stories of women who encourage us to act or get involved with issues affecting women; educate us on issues women face, the advancements they are making and how we can contribute to causes that don’t necessarily affect us directly; and of course inspire us to either get involved or create something on our own. Some of these women are famous, some are not. You don’t have to be famous to be inspirational, you just have to have the passion to do your best and the desire to see the best in others.

I can’t possibly present all of the Inspirational Butterflies in the world, so I’m looking for a little help….

I want to know who inspires YOU?

This post is a Special Invitation to each of you to share with Butterflies around the  world what woman or women inspires you and why.

It doesn’t  have to be a person who is famous- or it could be a famous person.  It could be a family member, a friend, co-worker or even a fictional character from a movie or a book-hey, I learned a lot from Nancy Drew! And the value is not in the in the seed, but in the fruit. No matter how they inspired you, big or small, what they have imputed into you is invaluable and may well be to other women around the world. So let’s share it!

Just send me an essay ( doesn’t have to be long, so don’t let the word “essay” freak you out) telling us what woman/women or female character inspires you and why.

Pretty simple. AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A WOMAN TO SUBMIT! I totally encourage men to send one in! We need as many men publicly supporting and giving value to women as we can.

This invitation is OPEN TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! Please, though if your letter could be in English that would be a great help. If not, we will post the original and a translation 🙂

Each week The Butterfly Bridge will highlight one or two of the entries (depending upon the amount of essays we receive) on this website and our Facebook page from September thru November. And every submission will posted!

**Submissions can not be derogatory, of a sexual nature, negative, disrespectful or prejudicial  discriminatory or in any way not contrary to the mission of the Butterfly Bridge.  Any such submission will be deleted and not posted.

At the end of November, when we announce our Monarch(s) for 2013, we will do a special tribute to all Inspirational Butterflies as well. And who knows, one of your entries could be a Monarch!

*If the person whom you choose to write about isn’t well know, yet, please include a photo of the person so that we can match the face with the inspiration! **Make sure you have permission to use the photo. We don’t want to upset anyone or violate anyone’s privacy. 🙂

Send your essay to  You can also submit any questions you have there as well. 

And don’t worry about writing styles either; this isn’t an academic contest, this is all about love.

I can’t wait to read to them!

Love and Butterfly Kisses!


*PS, I’ve always wanted to have a Butterfly Awards ceremony of some kind….maybe this could be the seed that bears that fruit? Who knows 😉

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