Another Dream for Talia by Linnette Betancourt

Talia, via NewYork Daily

Talia, via NewYork Daily

Hello Butterflies!

Just wanted to share a link with all of you.  I love to see beautiful young Butterflies supporting each other. It’s even better to see young people choosing to have inspirational people like Talia Castellano as a role model. Although Talia is no longer with us, her spirit is alive and well in millions of young Butterflies around the world. We can’t let that spirit fade away.

Another Inspirational Butterfly by the name of Linnette Bentancourt has created a petition on asking for support in getting one of Talia’s other dreams to come true-her own clothing line. Talia wanted to have Bald Chicks as a clothing line and Linnette is petitioning to have it put in Target stores. Personally, I think it would be cool for all of the young Butterflies out there fighting the same battle as Talia, to have something that represents the love of life that she had. Let’s support her!

Here is the link to Linnette’s petition: Get Bald Chicks Into Target Stores. Please sign, share and tweet at will!!


Butterfly Kisses!


PS: Linnette sent her link directly to our Facebook inbox, and we are honored that she did. If you have a cause or an event that you would like us to support or wold like us to share a story about an Inspirational Butterfly that you know, please feel free to contact us. If it is Butterfly worthy, we are allllll over it! 🙂 

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