A Petition to Honor Inspirational Butterfly Talia Castellano

Happy Sunday Butterflies!

I hope today is going well for each of you.

I just stopped by to drop a quick post about a petition I received in my inbox today from the Change.org petition site. It is about a beautiful little Inspirational Butterfly, Talia Castellano. For those of you not familiar with Talia and her story, this young lady inspired millions of people around with her cosmetic talents and her battle against cancer.

Talia Via The Daily Mail, UK

Talia Via The Daily Mail, UK

Talia fought against the stereotypes of how people look at cancer patients who have lost their hair in treatment. Instead of wearing a wig, Talia wore make up. She often said that her make up was her hair!  With that, she created YouTube videos/tutorials teaching young girls, and even adults, how to apply make up. And at just 13 years old, Talia was an expert! Millions of young girls around the world watched her videos faithfully, some without knowing that their beautiful teacher was suffering.

On July 16, 2013 Talia Castellano’s Butterfly wings were replaced with those of the Angels.

Prior to her transition to the heavenly realm, she had created a “bucket list” of things she wanted to do before she left this life for her next. Days before her passing, while Talia was very ill, her mother posted the list to her Facebook page. Number 62 on the list was the desire to have her own MAC Cosmetic line. With that, another beautiful young Butterfly named Lauren Vennes created a petition on Change.org asking the world to support Talia’s dream of having her own MAC Cosmetic line. The petition will be sent to the MAC Cosmetics.

I love to see young people support each other, especially young girls. Talia spent her time encouraging other girls to love themselves and how to express their inner beauty outwardly with her tutorials. If you look at just one video, you see strength, encouragement, inspiration, love and beauty beyond words that was imputed upon each and every teen and young adult who watched them. Her fans got more than make up tips, they gained self worth and confidence.

Talia, via NewYork Daily

Talia, via NewYork Daily


How can make up do that? Well I don’t see anyone spending time and money to make a garbage can look beautiful, do you? Of course not! Because garbage is not worth it! Only something worthy and something valuable is worth that kind of time, effort, energy and money! That’s what Talia Castellano showed young girls around the world; that they are worth it!

If enough people show their support, we can really get MAC’s attention. Right now there are only over 13,000 signatures, but I’m sure we can increase that number quite a bit if we each take a minute to share the petition. Although she is no longer among us physically, her light remains. Let’s keep that light glowing as a beacon of inspiration by making one of her dreams a reality.

Join with me and the Butterfly Bridge in signing Lauren’s petition so that together, we can keep the light of Talia Castellano shinning bright! I really want us to FLY for this one!

Until we fly again,

Butterfly Kisses!




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