Epic Stand in Texas Garners First FLY Award!


Greetings Butterflies!

We have our very first FLY Award winner!

Armed with a pair pink sneakers, a microphone and binders full of women…..yes, BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN (talk about a phrase that won’t die) Texas State Senator Wendy Davis took a stand not only for the women in Texas, but she took a stand for the women all around this country. It was truly a FLY Moment for Butterflies everywhere!

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Senator Davis spent just over 10 hours filibustering on the Texas State floor in an effort to stall state officials from voting on a law that would virtually close every abortion clinic in that state. After 10 hrs into it, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst deemed that Davis had gone off topic, thus violating the rules of the filibuster, and suspended her attempt. The Democrats quickly appealed. After a lengthy debate and hundreds of protesters screaming in the halls, Republicans, who dominate the state legislator, voted to force the vote in after the midnight deadline.

The voting proceeded and passed. Some question the validity of the vote based upon the noise level in the room and the fact that the vote took place after the deadline. As of now it is being seen as a valid vote, but the Bill has yet to be signed into law.

Regardless of whether or not the Bill becomes law, what Senator Davis did was not in vain nor was it ineffective. Wendy Davis and her colleagues and her supporters took a stand that left a deep impression on this country. The filibuster died, but a new movement was born! I see more Standing Movements for women across the country and around the world. The question is, how many of us are willing to Stand? If we truly want this 10 hour filibuster to have some real power, Butterflies, we all have to follow Wendy’s lead and STAND to preserve the rights of women everywhere!

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-TX

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-TX

Let me just say, for all of you who are wrapped up in this whole thing being about abortion; it’s not. Sen. Davis wasn’t standing up for abortion, she was standing up for the preservation of rights that women have. We need to understand that it only takes 1 piece of ice to start an avalanche. If we don’t Stand up for every single right, one day Butterflies we are going to be looking straight up at an avalanche…..

I also want to say that this is not a issue of faith and/or religion, although it is being made to be so. Bill’s like this one have a two-fold agenda: 1.) to control the rights of women and 2.) to enforce religious beliefs on the general public. We have to stop this. If we truly want to be a democracy, we can’t allow our spiritual/religious beliefs to overshadow the rights of others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that anyone should abandon their beliefs. I’m just saying that we need to stop forcing our beliefs on others; socially, politically or otherwise.

The funny thing about the United States is that we don’t want prayer in school, but we want our President to be a Christian. We want separation of Church and state, but we use every scripture in the Bible we can find to rally against abortion in our state capitals. I mean it’s crazy! The reason why this country is in such a mess is mainly because of our double mindedness……

On the ButterflyBridge, there is no right and wrong side. We/I support both sides of the abortion issue. In other words, we support your choice! This Stand and those who supported it are not murderers nor are they any less a believer of a God than any one else. They are simply human beings exercising their voice in this war on women.

Let me give my personal faith disclaimer to all my fellow Believer Butterflies and everyone else out there:

As a Christian, I have my beliefs about abortion-but I also have my beliefs about FREEDOM OF CHOICE. God gives each of us the right to choose or not choose Him. He does not shove Himself down our throats and force us to follow His ways; we have the right to choose. If He gives us the right to choose, where in the world do I or anyone who says that they follow Him, get off trying to take that right away? Jesus never took the right away. He never forced anyone to believe Him or to follow Him either. So where did the authority for us to do so come from?

See, we have to understand that when we force God on others or what we say God says is right or wrong, we make Him out to be a liar and a thief-neither of which He is! We make Him a liar because we say that no one has a choice, when it is clear in His Word that man does have a choice. And we make Him a thief because our harshness and belligerent ways steal Divine Joy and Divine Grace from the very ones we are expected to extend those same things to.

The Bible says that Jesus came to set the captives free yet billions are walking in bondage. I wonder why……?

Regardless of my spiritual beliefs, I can’t and never will force them on anyone. I don’t have the right to. If you want to know what I believe, I’ll tell you. Actually, I shouldn’t have to-if I believe it, you should see it.

Having said all of that I hope everyone sees the power in the Stand that was taken today and I pray that each of you were as inspired as I was to Stand together in this War on Women, regardless of religious and/or political beliefs.

I would just like to thank Sen. Davis and her team and all that supported her for her service to her constituents and to women around this country. I would also like to congratulate you on the success of your Stand and we extend to you our first FLY Award! From the pink tennis shoes, to the riveting stories shared about women and how this affects them, to the spectacular strength and stamina it took to pull it off; it was most definitely a ButterFLY Moment!

Continue to Stand and FLY Butterflies!

Love and Butterfly Kisses to you!


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