Good News for Congo! Warlord Ntanganda Surrenders to US Embassy!

Gen. Bosco Ntanganda aka "The Terminator"

Gen. Bosco Ntanganda aka “The Terminator”



Murderer, Rapist, Child Abuser and Sex Slave Owner Boscoe Ntanganda has surrendered to the US Embassy in Kigail today. After years of inflicting unspeakable atrocities,  Ntaganda faces charges of conscripting child soldiers, murder, ethnic persecution, sexual slavery, and rape during an earlier conflict in the Ituri district of northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This past weekend, a fraction within the ranks of  Ntaganda’s army overthrew him and his forces, causing he and his army to flee into neighboring Rwanda, Uganda and to the US Embassy.

What is amazing is that this “man” was allowed to leave a trail of destruction across eastern Congo for more than 10 years. The ICC has been seeking Ntaganda’s arrest since 2006 but President Joseph Kabila had resisted acting on the warrant until April of last year, saying Ntaganda was a “linchpin in the fragile peace.”

A linchpin in a fragile peace? Hello President Kabila, THERE WASN’T ANY PEACE!!

Ntanganda, aka “The Terminator”, has requested that he be handed over to the ICC (International Criminal Court) in Hague.   The United States is working to accommodate the Warlord’s request. (Yes, that is sarcasm you are reading…)

Apparently the Terminator doesn’t want to face charges in the very place he inflicted his damage. Funny how he gets an option that the hundreds of thousands he tormented didn’t….

The United States is not a part of the ICC, thus they are working with countries within the organization to determine the best course of action. And to be fair, the ICC doesn’t have an army or police. They rely on the nation it’s self to bring perpetrators to justice. Makes you wonder…..

I can say without fear of contradiction that swift justice  should be inflicted, I mean administered, to Ntanganda post haste. The quicker this “man” pays for what he has done, the quicker the country can begin to heal. And I pray that justice for these crimes does not stop with him. Everyone who participated, benefited and turned a cheek to what this man was doing-with the exception of the children that were enslaved and forced to be soldiers- should be brought up on charges.

While this is exciting news for Congo, especially the women and the children, I’m afraid that we can’t assume that their struggles against the atrocities of the government are over. When one regime is overthrown, the new regime often has a residue of the previous one within it’s ranks. Remember that. Look how long it took the government to even release an arrest warrant for this guy. Even then it took some of his own men to take him down. If you read between the lines, you should be able to ascertain that it was not the cries of the people that caused the government to “act”.

We still have to support and keep up with our sisters in Congo. This is but one battle in the war to freedom, equality and empowerment; we are still in “fly mode” for the women in Congo.

If you want to read more about what has transpired in Congo today, you can read the story on CBC World News.


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