Your Help Needed for A New Documentary About Women


Hello Butterflies!

I hope 2013 thus far has been amazing for each of you.

It’s been busy around the Butterfly Bridge. Lots of projects going on. One of our first projects is a documentary informally titled “Evaluating Eve” (title could change). In this documentary I actually evaluate or assess the value of women.  With all of the injustices committed toward women over the last 10 years, it felt to me as though women were becoming worthless. I had to find out, how much is a woman really worth these days?

Most of you are saying, “but that’s silly, women are priceless-just like all human beings.” I totally agree and understand that this should be the logical answer to such a question. But my research has taught me other wise. It has been enlightening and even a little frightening to see just how much women around the world, even in the United States, are valued.

Right now the documentary is actively in the production stage and I could use some help.

I have created 2 surveys, one for women and one for men, to further the scope of this hypothesis. I would love for all of you to participate, if you are able. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential, so no worries there. The entire purpose of the survey is to get some real feed back on topics concerning women.

Here are the surveys. Feel free to pass them along and share them on social media sites. The more the merrier!

Women and Girls, please use this survey: Survey for Women

Men and Boys, please use this survey: Survey for Men

*The survey is translatable to other languages.

Thanks in advance! I will keep each  of you updated on the progress of the documentary.

Have an amazing weekend!


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