Let’s Set the Social Media Ablaze for Damini!




Every once in a while, a story comes along that really gets to you. This is that story for me…I refrained from writing on this because the entire story disturbed me so.

On December 16, 2012 a young woman was riding a public bus with a male friend in New Delhi, India when she was  gang raped, beaten, brutalized, violated and eventually murdered by 6 male passengers on the bus. After spending 13 days fighting for her life, she died from her assault.

From the cries for justice and the protests of the people in India, we heard the story. Outrage is not even strong enough to articulate what many of us, myself included, feel. When I first heard of this, I was literally in shock. It was unfathomable to me that people could be so savagely.

That’s what this attack was; savage. Not one of those involved in the brutality of this innocent young woman has a thread of humanity with in them….they simply can’t. To not only rape and beat, but to insert a metal object into someone-a woman, a stranger even-to the point that you destroy their internal organs is the workings of beasts and monsters-not a human beings.

The protesters in India have named her “Damini” (her real name is being kept private out of respect) which means “lightening” in Hindi. The Times of India calls her Nirbhaya, which means “fearless.”, but I prefer to call her what those fighting in the streets are calling her, “Damini“. Damini now means “fight”-that’s exactly what the people of India are taking to the streets and doing-fighting for justice for Damini.

When the attack was reported, thousands of Indians went to the streets to demand protection for women. In New Delhi hundreds of women are raped each year. Some have called it the “City of Shame”, indicating the severity of the problem. Human Rights activists and citizens all say that the safety of women has been a problem in India, especially New Delhi, for a long time.

Unfortunately, an bright and innocent young woman had to die in order for the country to recognize the problem. Now the cries of the people are being heard. After Damini’s passing, police added murder charges to the monsters that raped her. Never before, and I mean NEVER before, have I ever wanted anyone to receive the death penalty-until now. I pray India has one and that the crimes of these savages qualify them for enrollment to death row….

What is so frightening about what happened to Damini is that it could happened to any one of us; no matter where we are in the world. As long as society says that women are less than, or that women are property, or that women are just sexual objects-we are all targets for beasts and monsters.

Damini is any women…..Damini is all women…..

What has happened has galvanized a nation; now it is time to galvanize the world. That’s were we come in Butterflies!

This Friday, January 4, 2013 The Butterfly Bridge invites you, your friends, your family, your Tweeps, Likes, and Followers-to join us for an ” Candle Light eVigil” for Damini.

All you need to do is change all your Social Media profile pics to that of a lighted candle, or you can use the one on this post or on our Facebook page, in honor of Damini and all women victimized by sexual violence.

Visit our Facebook Page and join the event and invite your friends. Tweet this post to all your Tweeples. Google Share it with your Circle (s). Post the pic on your Tumblr and don’t forget to Pinit on Pinterest!

Whichever Social Media sites you use, please spread the word and let’s be a global voice for justice, a global net of support for the family, and global citizens who will not let this young woman’s suffering, torture and murder be in vain, by Setting  Social Media Ablaze for Damini!



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