A New Year Starts and A New Journey Begins…For You!

Visions, Dreams and Destiny...A Personal Journal

Visions, Dreams and Destiny…A Personal Journal

Happy New Year Butterflies!!

2013 is upon us and I just wanted to drop you all a quick post about an exciting new journal that I created. Actually, it was created last year, but it was reserved for listeners of my AC 165 Radio show. For the year and a half of broadcasting, the listeners and I were on a Vision Quest. A special journey to making the visions we have for our future plain, our dreams a manifested reality so that we can walk in destiny and purpose.

Sounds like a big quest, right? It was, and it still is. This “quest” is not a year long thing; it is a life long journey. I plan to continue with the quest in 2013 and I hope that many of you can join us!

One of the things we discovered during our quest was the need and importance of journalling. The purpose for keeping a journal is not just to keep a record of events, but it also helps you to “think out loud” without the worry of eaves dropping or exposure to criticism and emotional violations. Sometimes we need an “ear” to listen to our problems, hopes and our dreams. And in those times when we can’t find that one person who can be a terrific sounding board, we have to trust our own ears. We have to listen to our inner thoughts for ourselves. Journalling helps us to do that.

Journalling is not a practice, it’s a discipline. We found that out too! You have to be diligent in writing down daily events and/or special and poignant moments in your life.

Keeping a journal allows us to see where we have been so that our moves forward are not repetitive, but purposeful. There are tons of journals out there, and you can even keep notebooks as journals-there are many options. As a writer and an author, I wanted something that would allow me to make my life a story. I wanted a journal that would allow me to create my story in book form, so I created the “Visions, Dreams and Destiny…..a Personal Journal” with that in mind.

Now that the show has changed, I decided to make the journal available for everyone-especially Butterflies. 2013, The Epoch of Eve, is going to be a FLY year for us!! If you have never kept a journal before, this is an epic time to keep one! And for those of you who have always wanted to keep one, but never got around to it-this is your year! You gotta do it!

Visions, Dreams, and Destiny…..A Personal Journal is available on Amazon.com. Click the link and it will take you directly to it!

I am sooo looking forward to this new year and new season. I can’t wait to fly with you all!

Love to you,


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