Number 5 ButterFLY Moment of 2012!

Our number 5 Inspirational Butterfly broke the barrier by becoming S. Korea’s first female President. There are many of us who can’t wait to hear those words for our nation. I know in the United States, we’re ready! We haven’t heard it yet, but we are close!

But the United States did have a pretty awesome year for women in politics. While we didn’t elect a female President, one state had the pleasure of electing and entire governing body of women. Totally FLY in my opinion! That’s why I had to give the Number 5 ButterFLY Moment of 2012 to the State of New Hampshire….

A ButterFLY Moment is one of those moments that was….well….FLY! LOL. I know some of ya’ll don’t say “fly” anymore….but get used to it and put it back in your vocab because as a Butterfly, it is your privilege to fly and to be FLY! Fly high and operate in awesomeness while you do it-that’s what “fly” means, to be awesome.


From the

From the

And this was an awesome moment for women, the State of New Hampshire and the country as a whole. The first all women state legislature! Pretty fly….

This moment in history again shows political gains for women. This year, more women than ever were elected to political office in the United States of America; another “fly” achievement!



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