2012 Inspirational Butterfly #5…..


Hey Everyone!

We’re counting down the Top 5 Inspirational Butterflies and Butterfly Moments of 2012. The Year of the Woman brought many memorable events and historical markers for women all over the world.

The word Inspire means to “fill or create an urgency or desire to act” based upon one’s (inspirational person’s) actions. Inspiration is much more than just provoking emotions, inspiration is an action word! The Butterflies on this list are the top 5 women who’s actions/achievements have created or will create a desire to act, create, and/or fulfill a dream.

Here is Number 5 on the Inspirational Butterfly list of 2012:

Park Geun-Hye viaguardian.co.uk website

Park Geun-Hye via
guardian.co.uk website




Park Geun-Hye

Park Geun-Hye became South Korea’s first female President. Her historical election to the top seat was a “topper” in the Year of the Woman. While the female population is either equal to or higher than that of men in many countries, women are still in the minority when it comes to political offices.


Every time history is made, the word “never” looses power; how many times have I said that? 🙂 It’s true! No one can say that a woman has never been elected leader to a male dominated nation…..history took “never” out of that sentence. And now that never is gone, women and girls around the world can take their dreams to the next level.

Park Geun-Hye’s election as leader of a male dominated nation was a sign to women and young girls around the world that women are still ripping the glass out of the ceiling! Her election is an inspiration to all Butterflies all with the desire and dream to become political voices in even some of the seemingly impossible situations.

We are sending a special Congratulations to Park Geun-Hye on her historical election and giving her the number 5 spot on our Inspirational Butterfly List!

And to all of you Butterflies with aspirations of political office, the SKY is the new ceiling-the glass has been cracked and shattered…..GO FOR IT!!


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