12/12/12 The Butterfly Age!




Tomorrow is 12/12/12 and by now everyone has heard of the Mayan prophecy about the ‘end of the world’ taking place in the month of December, 2012 on either the 12th, the 21st or the 22 (using the 12-12-12 combination of numbers.  No on is sure of the exact date that the Mayans, and other indigenous tribes, are speaking of)

Because of these prophecies, and the fact that the Mayan calendar- which is centuries old, stops on 12/12/12, many people believe that on one of these dates the world will somehow stop or explode or evaporate…..or just disappear….or whatever. Neither the Mayans nor any other Mesoamerican tribes have said specifically what was to happen.  This, of course, leaves media outlets, TV personalities, and various  supposed “scientist” and those seeking commercial gain, to use this unknown to create their own version of what is going to happen. All the while creating some panic and hopefully turning a profit.

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

It’s sad though….that people take these an opportunity like this to create chaos instead of educating , encouraging and bringing hope to  people. This climactic time in history should be a time of excitement, not dread.

We need the proper perspective on this entire prophecy. In order to do that, we must understand what it actually says, not what others have interpreted it to be.  And as many of us know, the wrong interpretation of any thing can cause serious problems, even death.

The prophecy states that 12/12/12 will be the end of the World Age/Human Age-it does not indicate that the entire world is ending. What the prophecies do tell us is that there will be a transition and/or a transformation among the human race from one world or human age into another.

Transition!  Transformation! That’s Butterfly Language!!

Butterflies symbolically mean transition and transformation, and that is the new age that we are coming into. All of the fear that has been associated with these dates can be easily interpreted to bring hope, not fear and death.

The Mayans were very spiritual people. The reason the calendar stops is not because the world is ending, but because the Mayans probably could not “see” into the new Age. The calendar they created recorded the Age in which they were in, not a new one. Thus they felt as though their calendar should end with this particular Age.

What is the new “Age”? What does it mean?

There are those who believe that the transition or transformation is going to be a time of unity and global peace. That could happen….There are those who believe that it is a time of human destruction because of the many wars that have been taking place lately. That too could happen….

The truth is, anything is possible but no one knows. That’s why the Mayans stopped predicting and stopped their calendar, they didn’t know.

Personally, I find the uncertainty inspiring and exciting. This new Age has not been defined by anyone, thus it leaves the door open for me to define it myself! Each of us can. Right now we can set the tone for the new Age by determining within ourselves how we want the future to be.

A few of you may be apprehensive-that’s normal when things end and new thing begin. We are comfortable with the old and unsure of the new; and that can be a little scary. We are not looking for a physical change to take place here.This change is going to happen on a spiritual level, I personally believe. In order to benefit from this transition/transformation, we must be spiritually aware and in tuned to who we are and what we believe in. Eventually, these internal changes will become outward manifestations.

That is the change of a butterfly. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is not limited to a physical change. It takes an internal change for the butterfly to actually fly. At some point in their transformation, the caterpillar must know within it’s self that one day it will fly. That internal knowledge, from a land dweller, becomes an external manifestation the moment it emerges from it’s cocoon and flies off into the deep blue skies.

This, Butterflies, is not a time of death but a time of new life. A time to go from a land dwelling mentality to one of unlimited flight. A time to transition fearlessly into the Butterfly Age!

Until next time,

Fly until your wings get tired!! 🙂







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