October 25th is Orange Day!!

SayNo! Orange Day Ribbon

Hello Butterflies!
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Orange Day! Time to #GoOrange and show our support to End the Violence Against Women around the world.

Wear something orange tomorrow and/or change your profile pics to “orange” and spread the word. Be creative! While violence is no laughing or “fun” matter, when you do something with joy, your passion comes through. And when your passions come through you touch people. So don’t be drab about spreading the word about ending violence! Your passion can make a difference.

Check out our SayNo-UNite  (A United Nations campaign) to End Violence page here: Butterflies Against Violence  and take the pledge to support an end to the violence. You can also share your pics with us on The Butterfly Bridge Facebook Page. We’d love to share them.

If you would like more information about the fight to end violence, check out the SayNo-UNite, a United Nations initiative, website at http://www.saynotoviolence.org.

Have a great night and an amazing day! And #GoOrange!

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