Meet Sophia! Disney’s 1st Latina Inspired Princess

Sophia The First,

This little beauty is Sophia, Disney’s first “Latina” Princess, from the movie “Sophia The First: Once Upon A Princess”, set to air Nov. 18 on the Disney Chanel.

There has been some mixed reactions to Disney’s first “Latina” Princess. Some are excited that Disney finally made the move to create a princess with Latina heritage. Yet others, myself included, are not that thrilled.
While Sophia is beautiful, I agree with those who say that she is not Latina enough. That is why the title of this post includes “inspired”. The main reason some Latinos are complaining is because Sophia has light skin and blue eyes. They feel as though they can not relate to her because she does not look like them. I can completely see their point.

This character comes from a mother who is supposed to be Latina, ( she comes from an area that has Latin influence and she has dark skin in the cartoon) and a Caucasian father. And there is nothing wrong with that scenario, in a cartoon or in real life. I just believe that Disney’s first Latina princess should be completely Latino.

Just like the first African American princess, Tiana, was completely African American, the first Latina should be fully Latina. I believe that a fully Latina princess would be a greater inspiration and even an empowerment to young Latinas, because they would be able to see themselves in her. Mirrors can be great influencers….(just a side bar 🙂 )

We can’t loose site of the fact that something historic has been done here!  While one might not be completely satisfied with the appearance of the character, Sophia is the a first. That means that a wall has been torn down, a ceiling has been shattered and the word “never” has lost some power. You can no longer say that there has never been a Latina princess, because here she is. Being the first also means that there are more to come. But the standard of those to follow can be set now.

All of this is my opinion….I want to know what you guys think.
Do you think that Sophia is Latina enough or should Disney had made more effort to present a character that is completely Latina? Does it matter?

What other ethnic princesses would you like to see from Disney?

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