Vote 4 The Butterfly Bridge to Empower Women and Girls!


Voting is now over. While we did not win, we would like to thank each and everyone of you that voted for the Butterfly Bridge 🙂 Love to you!!




Time to vote!

Last week we told you about a grant that we applied for that would help us, sooner than later, get the true vision of the Butterfly Bridge off the ground. It is not a large grant, but it is enough to get the dream up and running. The grant is sponsored by Good Maker and it is designed only to empower women and girls, either in a immediate community, nationally, or internationally.

Our submission: to use the money to create a international Mentoring/Pen Pal site for women and girls around the world (females only-sorry guys).

Why a social media site?

I want to create a social media site because one of the things I learned at the Social Good Conference last month is that internet technology is just about everywhere. While computers may not be readily available, cell phones are. Now more than ever, people are acquiring the technology to connect with the rest of the world. Thus, the site will be readily available to those who would benefit from it the most.


I see millions, no billions of Butterflies, soaring on the winds of compassion and love, carrying support and change on their wings….:)

This will not be any ordinary site. This site will allow women to mentor young women and girls-and even vice versa-in areas of business, education, motherhood, sisterhood, and friendship.

Pen Pals are friends. True friends. Not just social media avatars or a monthly picture in the mail. This site will allow women and girls to connect with each other for a purpose: Unity. As Pen Pals, we can learn about each other’s culture, traditions, food, styles, homelands, language, hardships, victories, challenges  etc so that we can be better individuals to ourselves and to one another.

Both Mentors  and Pen Pals can also serve as advocates for those in seemingly isolated areas. Women and girls in many areas around the world feel as though they have no voice and that no one can/will hear their cries for help, freedom and justice. Allowing these women to have a Pal/Mentor outside of their circumstances that will truly listen and share will be a tremendous help to millions!

I honestly see women of the same professions, in different countries connecting. I see women in the west connecting with those that live in the homelands of their ancestors. I see young girls being inspired to become part of the political voice in their communities. I see young girls giggling about the differences between the boys here and the boys there; what’s in fashion where you are? What type of music do you listen to?

The site will be social yet unique to the pallet of women. You will be able to connect with one another, share ideas, blog your thoughts, share stories, play games, learn, share pictures, express yourself artistically and we will be right there sharing news, encouragement, and support!

Can you see the vision?!

You can help!!!

All we need from you is a vote-and help spreading the word! Voting is simple. Just follow the link below. You will need to sign in to the Good Maker site, either through Facebook, Twitter or email. Once that is done, click “Vote”! And that’s it!

You can also leave a comment-actually I encourage that. Let me know who you are and that you voted so I can thank you personally.

Vote here!

Ok, time’s a wasting! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

And thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to do so 🙂

Much love and Butterfly Kisses to you!


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