Speculations of Love….Inspired by June Jordan

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Bad Relationships……..the majority of us have had them.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances within/without your control, some of you are currently in one. It’s hard though, you know? To be on the outside looking in and judging people and/or their relationships. We sit back and wonder, ‘what is the world is wrong with you? Can’t you see that person is no good for you?’

I’ve judged people and/or their relationships like that-vocally and non vocally. But what I’ve come to realize is that judging doesn’t help, it further hurts. Compassion works much better. Compassion melts the walls of judgement and the fear of being judged, and creates a pathway to clarity. And it takes clarity to see what’s really going on in your life.

That’s what I want the Butterfly Bridge to be-a place of compassion. Look, I’m a woman and I have been through things that other women have been through; but I haven’t experienced it all. So I might not say all the right things about your situation, or I may fumble a little bit with the delivery of some advice, but I won’t judge. None of us should.

Through this blog I hope to encourage, uplift, compel, edify, allow you to cry, be a friend and advocate of compassion through my limited knowledge  of life and experience as a woman. One way I know how to do all of that is through poetry.

In June Jordan’s poem , “Speculations on the Present Through the Prism of the Past for Haruko“, she takes you back to a young romance through mature speculation. For each of you in a relationship, good or bad, read this poem with fresh eyes of clarity. Compassion just doesn’t come from others, sometimes we have to give some to ourselves!  Allow yourself enough compassion not to be judge, jury and executioner of decisions you have made/are making so that clarity can show you the right decisions and the best direction for your life.

Speculations on the Present Through the Prism of the Past for Haruko

“At 29

I climbed on a motorcycle

For my first date

With this guy in front of me

My arms around his waist

As tight as my excitement

My chin nestling on a soft spot

In between his shoulder blades



We just took off:

French bread

And a bottle of French wine

My keys

Him and me and the bike


We left

After he said, ‘This-‘

(meaning my house/mylife)

‘is just impossible! It’s just too

Bare! Too Poor!’

And so he carried me and the bike

Into the unfamiliar darkness of his opulence his city his

Apartment his gigantic bed/he

Locked me up/he

Kept me well fed/absolutely


And (in general) well satisfied

On the sexual side

But scared to say anything

About his 25 foot leather whip

Memento from his military duties

In Algiers

That he uncoiled from time

To time



Through the routine eucalyptus fragrance of his


Through the river-view windows of his paradise

I watched for tail-light jewels on a nearby evening



And I supposed that something


Might be waiting for me not

Too far away

But definitely not

On this side/definitely not

On my side

Of the water.”

by June Jordan

*Taken from “Haruko/Love Poems, Jordan, June. High Risk Publishing. New York, NY. 1994. First Edition


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