We’ve Got a Bit of News….!

Good morning, or evening-where ever you are!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to each of you about the Butterfly Bridge.

First, I would like to thank all of the many readers around the world who have been visiting and following this site. I am honored by the connections we have made to you in Canada, Bangladesh  Germany, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Singapore, Africa, India, Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Ireland, Indonesia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Philippines,Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Qatar,Mexico, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Poland, Israel, Malaysia, Peru,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia,  and the United States. It is such an honor to have you visit this site! Thank you!

I mentioned each country for a reason. I want each of you and everyone of you who follow this blog to see that you have a common interest with others around the world. We don’t see that very often, do we? How powerful is it to know that you have a common interest with so many others around the world? Pretty powerful!

Now is the time to “harness” that power by fully connecting with each other. And that is what I want to share with you.

The Butterfly Bridge is meant to be more than just a blog. This is just the beginning. Our primary goal is to connect women and girls around the world in one common place, so that we can be a strong united front and support system. And we have come up with a way to do just that.

We submitted an idea for a woman’s empowerment grant that would provide us the funds to make the Butterfly Bridge a reality. It’s not a big grant, but it is enough for us to fully get the Butterfly Bridge off the ground and running for at least 3 years. And we are going to need all of your help!

In order to acquire the grant, you have to win it with votes. That’s were you come in. We need your votes! If you want to really see the Butterfly Bridge become a reality, we are asking you to help us make it so.

Voting does not begin until October 18th. We will post all of the information and the link to our voting page on that day. Please, spread the word and vote for us! Vote for you!!

So look for our posts on this site, Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Many thanks in advance!

Love and Butterfly Kisses to you:)



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