Our New SayNo! UNite Action Page!

Butterflies Against Violence!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday evening! And to those just getting the day started, “Good Morning!”

I just wanted to give show you our SayNo! UNite To End Violence Against Women Action page, found on the SayNoUnite.org site: Butterflies UNited Against Violence!

On this page, you will find the current actions that The Butterfly Bridge is taking to bring awareness to the violence that women and girls suffer each day, all over the world. Our first “action” is a social media campaign to spread awareness. We asked a few friends to join us, the  UNFCU staff , and millions of people around the world as we “go orange” for Orange Day-which is recognized on the 25th day of each month.

We are asking you to join us too!!

Click on the above  link and join The Butterfly Bridges Social Campaign to support Orange Day! The end to the violence, begins with each and everyone of us. Take a stand today to end the violence against women!

Our goal is to turn all the social media sites ORANGE on the 25th of each month from now until the end of the year.

Here is how you can help us do it!

1.) Take a pic of yourself, friends, family, pets, etc wearing something orange. Have some fun! 


      Create an Orange Day “logo” for yourself! Be creative! And businesses and organizations are welcome to participate!

2.) Change all of your Social Media Profile Pictures to either the Orange Day Ribbon or the beautiful Orange Day picture you created.

3.) After you have changed your profile pics, post them to our Facebook Wall, or email them to us @ thebutterflybridge10@gmail.com. We will post your pics to our Facebook Page and to our SayNo! UNite Action Page, and this blog site as well! 

If you want to send us your pictures before the 25th, feel free to email them to us!

**SPECIAL NOTICE FOR TWITTER USERS!!  Let’s try to make #OrangeDay the #1 trending topic on Twitter!

Use the hastag: #OrangeDayfor all of your tweets.We will be Tweeting your pictures too! Give us your Twitter handle when you send your pics, and we will give you some #ButterflyKisses and #TweetLuv!

Also, this campaign is not limited to women and girls! We recognize and appreciate the millions of men and boys out there that work along side us to stop the violence against women.

Our next #OrangeDay is coming soon!

So spread the word and join us September 25, 2012!


Orange Day Ribbon

(Copy of the Orange Day Ribbon you can use on your profiles!)

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