Time to Fly with the Monarchs!




Every since I was a child, I was fascinated by butterflies. I think a lot of us were. These delicate little creatures, uniquely painted to match flowers and emulate birds. Yet, with the vastness of colors available for us to enjoy, the Monarch Butterfly has always stood out to me as “the butterfly”.

Of all the butterflies, the Monarch seemed to be the “strongest”. The stark black colors embracing the vibrant oranges and yellows, resemble iron surrounding precious stained glass; making their wings seem indestructible.  And you can tell the difference between a male and a female. Female Monarchs have darker, bolder colors and thicker and stronger black lines…as though she needs a little more “structure” to endure the realities of life. That is why when I think of butterflies, I think of women; delicate, but strong….small yet indestructible!

A new season is among butterflies and women. It’s fall; and fall means it’s time to prepare for the winter season. Not just a physical preparation, but a soul and spiritual preparation as well. The drop in temperature usually means we spend more time in doors-and that can cause us to close up a little. But this is not the time to close up butterflies! This the perfect time to create an atmosphere of change.

One of the most amazing things about the Monarch butterfly is the fact that unlike all others, they migrate for the winter just like birds. Monarchs can’t survive the cold weather, so each year they return to Mexico, some to Southern California.  And it is not a small journey either! Monarchs can travel over 3,000 miles to reach their winter destination. It’s an unusual thing that have even scientists baffled. How on earth does a tiny little insect travel thousands of miles each year, let alone know where to go?

And what’s most important to understand is that Monarch’s don’t hibernate in the winter. They don’t close down for the season; they continue being Monarchs. And that is what I want to encourage each of you to do….continue to be like the Monarch.

Even though the winter season is coming, and the weather may not make it easy to venture out and to do the things that we did in the summer-don’t hibernate! We can’t afford it. We have too much to do and too much to loose!

When Monarchs reach their destinations for the winter, they congregate. They live a top trees in huge colonies like a giant mass. It is a very striking image to see and an important thing to note. Unlike in the spring and summer months, where you see butterflies of all species flying about, almost as though they are the only one of their breed, in the winter they come together. It’s not so much a choice as it is how they survive. And that is how we, butterflies are going to survive!

During these months we are really going to be pressing in on introducing ourselves to one another. In America, especially in the Midwest, fall and winter usually mean construction cones-yuck! It is a season of construction and building-and it is upon us! The Bridge will not be built over night; some bridges take years to build. But each piece is important to the structure of the whole.

There are a lot of events and programs going on during these next fall and winter months and we are going to try to keep everyone abreast of as many as we can. If there is anything that you feel women should know about, send us an email or you can post it to the FB page.

We are also looking for volunteers from all over the world to be contributing authors on this site. So, if you are interested send us an email at thebutterflybridge10@gmail.com.

Have an amazing weekend!

And as the late great Coco Chanel said, “If you were born without wings, do nothing to keep them from growing.”

Shine bright and soar high Butterfly!



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